Nr36 returns home…

Saab 9-5NG SportCombi YS3GR5NK6C4000036, an Oak Brown RHD TTiD4 Aero has returned “home” to Sweden from the UK, where it had resided for the last eight years. With this latest addition, the number of 9-5NG SportCombis has risen to 10+…

Trapped on a test track in the UK

“Nr36” is a different car. Not just because of the fact that it is one of the remaining -and extremely rare- Saab 9-5NG SportCombis, it is actually even more special for at least two more reasons: it is a UK-specced RHD car and it was never sold at one of the Saab bankruptcy auctions.
In fact, one could argue that the car has been in hiding for roughly eight years. Shortly after the car had left the Trollhättan production line in April 2011, it was transported to the Millbrook proving grounds in the UK, a facility several OEMs were/are using to test and validate their cars.

The fact that the car was in use by Millbrook wasn’t a secret as such and over the years the company received many calls and emails from people around the world inquiring about it, with some actually trying to buy it. The answer, however, was always “no”… until earlier this year persistence paid off, resulting in the car being sold to a Swedish Saab fan!

The route to Sweden via Germany

The first stop on the way from the UK to Sweden was actually in Kiel, Germany, where the car was serviced at Saab 9-5NG and 9-4X specialist Autohaus Lafrentz and where it successfully passed all the applicable tests to acquire its road-legal status.
Last week, “nr 36” continued its journey home to Sweden. It was spotted virtually immediately, sparking rumours in different forums on the Internet about the cars’ destination. The new owner is currently still staying anonymous but we’ll likely be seeing more details evolve in the next weeks and months!

More pictures and specifications of “nr 36” can be found on

10+ SportCombis in Sweden

With “nr 36” returning to home to Sweden, the number of Saab 9-5NG SportCombis in the country has risen to at least 10.

The missing cars

“At least”? Yes, we know with certainty that there are at least ten SportCombis in Sweden: Arctic White nr 17, Arctic White nr 47, Diamond Silver nr 1, Carbon Grey nr 9, Fjord Blue nr 13, Diamond Silver nr 15, Java Brown nr 17, Java Brown nr 21, Oak Brown nr 22, and now of course the Oak Brown nr 36. There are however reportedly still another four cars (nrs. 2, 5, 6 and 11) around in Sweden that have an unconfirmed status. Although they are rumoured not to be in mint condition (or even complete!), they may surface at some point… stay tuned. The list of all known remaining SportCombis can of course be found on

3 thoughts on “Nr36 returns home…”

  1. Very nice pictures and interesting text! Many thanks.

    The picture of the N36 in the UK, shows the Swedish registration number LGC777.

    However, the Swedish agency responsible for the files of all vehicles, Transportstyrelsen, has registered KIA Sportage 1,7 CRDI AC (VIT) for this number. The registration date is 2019-04-06.

    1. This was the temporary registration number during the time Saab Automobile AB owned the car. As with virtually all temporary registrations, “LGC777” has been re-used by Transportstyrelsen and is assigned to another vehicle.

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