Unicorn for sale: Saab 9-4X Aero VIN 002 *SOLD*

Only 637 Saab 9-4Xs were ever manufactured. Just two Aero models exist in Crystal Red. One with a panorama roof, and this truly unique Saab with VIN number 002 is now for sale!

“The best Saab ever”

When the Saab 9-4X was launched in the Spring of 2011, the international automotive press was all over it. They loved the design, the build quality, the superior road handling, the performance, the comfy seats and much more. Above all the fact that it was a real Saab through and through: “The best Saab ever!” to quote Alrik Söderlind from leading Swedish magazine Auto Motor & Sport.

I’ve been a Saab enthusiast for almost as long as I can remember and adding a true Saab SUV to my collection had long been on my wish list. When the first 9-4X concept car was revealed back in 2008, I immediately fell in love with it; if anything as the design language showed strong resemblance with my all-time-favorite Saab: the AeroX!
As the 9-4X unfortunately never officially made it to Europe, buying one here in Sweden proved difficult. Yet when in the autumn of 2013 a very special 9-4X Aero (the second ever produced!) in the truly stunning color Crystal Red popped up on my radar in Michigan, USA, I was fortunate enough to be able to buy it and get the car shipped to Stockholm.

Wanted: a new owner!

As much as I still adore the car in virtually any imaginable way, I’ve decided to sell it. We recently moved to a new house and the new location simply doesn’t have the physical space required anymore. So, wanted: a new owner!
The car is in great shape, it has exclusively been serviced by authorized Saab Service Centers (in fact, two of the best around in Europe to service the 9-4X: Autohaus Lafrentz and EBB) and currently has 120,000km on the clock. It has a fresh MOT and has received professional paint (DiTec) and anti-rust treatments.


  • Saab 9-4X Aero, Model year 2011
  • VIN: 3G0FNUE62BS800002
  • Current registration number: TKR007
  • Colour: Crystal Red metallic
  • Engine: V6 2.8 turbo 2792 cm³
    • Hirsch stage 1 tuned
    • Max effect: 330hp (243 kW) @ 5690 rpm (original: 300hp/221 kW @ 5500 rpm)
    • Max torque: 430 Nm @ 1700 rpm (original: 400 Nm @ 2000 rpm)
    • 0-100 km/h: 7.9 s (original: 8.3 s)
  • Current odometer reading: approx. 120,000 km
  • Built according to US- specifications (see full option list here), but upgraded to EU-standard:
    • Rear fog light
    • EU head lights (bi-xenon cornering headlights with iceblock design)
    • Instrument panel with Celsius and kilometre scales (original EU-spec odometer)
    • European infotainment system
      • European GPS maps
      • European radio frequencies
      • Bluetooth
  • Professional paint protection (DiTec) and anti-rust treatments (Rostskyddsmetoder)


My hope is that this amazing car will go to another Saab enthusiast, which is why I am planning to bring it to the Saab Car Museum Festival in Trollhättan on June 7-9, for any Saab fan to see.
My asking price is SEK 350,000, or best offer. Given that multiple people have expressed their interest already, I will be facilitating a bidding process that will end latest on Sunday June 9th at 12:00 CET.
If you are seriously interested and want to get more information, book a test drive or simply place a bid, please contact me (Michel Annink) directly on info@9-5sc2012.com.

*Update 5 June*
My wonderful unicorn has now been sold. It took exactly 17 hours from the moment I posted this article until I accepted the winning bid. The car is now in the hands of another Stockholm-based Saab enthusiast, who now could be the only 9-4X owner in the world with two 9-4Xs in his possession!
So this means that I unfortunately won’t be driving my 9-4X to the Saab Festival, but will be taking another unicorn, my 9-5NG SportCombi instead!

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