To Navigate or not, that’s the question!

When I bought my “#17” in December 2012, it came with a well-functioning radio. In fact, this radio is probably one of the best basic units SAAB ever fitted, but it had two main issues: it had a not-so-very-beautiful green screen and didn’t have GPS/navigation capabilities. Upgrading to the high end touch screen system however was reported to be next to impossible, but after consulting with the team at Authaus Lafrentz in Kiel, it turned out it could be done anyway!

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Int Saab 2015 Team 133 “Günter”

Off-Topic ! This is not a sportcombi but in my dreams it is 🙂 I am the admin off this page and wanted to share this with you.

Follow Team 133 “Günter” on a pretour through Europe. Take off at the 17th of July. We go from Tranås in Sweden to Germany “Frankfurt”, Belgium, France “Paris,” Denmark “Hirtshals” to ride the ferry to Bergen and IntSaab2015 in Norway “Flåm, Skjölden, Loen, Åndalsnes.” And through Sälen back to Sweden. ‪#‎IntSaab2015Team133‬ – Team 133 “Günter” fb page.


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