Production Reports

Welcome to the Saab 9-5NG and 9-4X download page!

Saab 9-4X Production Report, version 1.0, publication date: Tuesday 4 September 2018.

The very first version of the long-awaited Saab 9-4X production report is now out! Always wanted to know how many cars were produced, in what trim and what colours? This report will provide you with the answers!





Saab 9-5NG Production Report, version 1.2, publication date: Wednesday 5 September 2018.

Version 1.2 of the production report was published on 9/5 and includes many updates including new information about major options, new pictures and more!



V1.1 of the 9-5NG report (published 4 Sep 2017) is still available for download here.




About the Saab 9-5NG and 9-4X Production Reports 

The Saab 9-5NG and 9-4X Production Reports are aiming to provide a comprehensive overview of actual production data related to the Saab 9-5NG (Sedan and SportCombi models) and 9-4X. It is compiled by Saab enthusiast and 9-5NG owner Henrik Zaar. The report is not affiliated with or approved by Saab AB, Saab Automobile AB or Orio AB.
It is free to use for individual use, but any commercial usage must be agreed upon with the author. Access to the underlying database can also be granted upon request. Please email for more information.