NR. 22: YS3GN5MG1C9000022. KVD:554357.

9-5 Sportcombi Linear, 180hp.

NR. 22: YS3GN5MG1C9000022. KVD:554357.

Sold at auction 2012-12-16. 147 000 KR.

Current location: Sölvesborg, Sweden.

See auction details (in Swedish only):

"Nr 9000022" at the Saabfestival 2017
“Nr 9000022” at the Saabfestival 2017

On September 14th 2017, the car was officially approved and is now road-legal in Sweden. Read more about the registration process here.

During the first months of 2019, the car has been converted from RHD to LHD. Furthermore, several other changes were made including the swapping of the engine and gearbox from the original 1.6t / manual configuration to a 2.8t V6 engine with automatic gearbox and cosmetic changes to give the car an Aero-look. Current registration number: YJJ514.