The only remaining RHD 9-5NG SportCombi *is sold…update 2*

Great news for all Saab fans in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Japan and any other country using right hand drive as a RHD version of the Saab 9-5NG SportCombi is now likely becoming available sold!

Nr 31: 1 of 4

With only 35 cars built and 27 still around in the world, The Saab 9-5NG SportCombi is a true unicorn. As rare as this model is, finding one with RHD specifications is probably even more difficult as only four were ever manufactured. Of these four, VIN number 22 is still around, but recently got converted to a LHD car. Number 36 was reportedly used at the Milbrook test grounds in the UK but the status is unknown has now been sold, while number 29 (an Arctic White TTiD in Linear trim) was unfortunately scrapped.
Number 31 however, is alive and kicking and in pretty much the exact same -great- state as when it left the Trollhättan production line back in 2011.

Testing the waters…

The Carbon Grey metallic TiD SportCombi in Linear trim was sold at the Saab bankruptcy auction back in 2012 and has been in the hands of a US-based Saab enthusiast. Unfortunately, he hasn’t been able to enjoy the car that much as it was forced to stay in Europe given that the 9-5NG SportCombi was never officially approved for sale in the US, meaning that getting the car across the Pond turned out to be essentially impossible, despite the fact that it is road-legal in Germany (and the rest of the EU).
So after several years of hoping and trying, the owner is now considering selling the car and testing the waters to understand the interest in the Saab enthusiasts community.

From Kiel with love

With only 7,850 km / 4,877 miles(!) on the odometer, this historic car is was currently proudly standing in the showroom of Saab specialist Autohaus Lafrentz in Kiel, Germany. The same location where the car has been serviced and maintained since it was sold in 2012.
The current owner hasn’t set an asking price, but using other recent 9-5NG SportCombi sales as a reference point (in a range between EUR 35,000 and 100,000), one would assume that the expectations are high even in this case.
Want to know more about this unique car? Please contact Markus Lafrentz at


After many deliberations by the owner, “nr 31” is now for sale!
The asking price is €49,999 (approx USD 55,000 / GBP 43,000) and more details about the car can be found here.

**UPDATE 2 SUMMER 2020**

So “nr 31” has been sold! This unique RHD car has found a new owner in Sweden, taking the total number of 9-5NG SportCombis in the country to 11.

3 thoughts on “The only remaining RHD 9-5NG SportCombi *is sold…update 2*”

  1. how much did the new owner pay for the only right hand drive car that was exported back to Sweden

    1. The purchase price has not been made public. Having said that, given that all of the SportCombis that have been sold over the past 24 months ended up between €35K and €100K+, I guess it will be a fair assumption that nr 36 will also have been in this range.

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