Sweet memories from the Saab Festival 2019

The summer of 2019 featured yet another edition of the Saab Festival. Held in Trollhättan, Sweden, this bi-annual event is the largest gathering of Saab cars in the world.

Lots of 9-5NGs and 9-4Xes

While I have attended all Saab Festivals this millennium, I haven’t really kept track of the exact number of Saabs that made it to Trollhättan each year. The 9-5NG and 9-4X were only manufactured from 2010, so spotting them at the Festival has been a relatively recent privilege.

As I wrote in my earlier post “How to collect 113 Saab 9-5NGs and 9-4Xs in one picture“, the Saab Festival 2019 actually featured quite many 9-5NGs and 9-4Xs, perhaps even the highest number in one location to date.

Roughly one year later, here are some more pictures from this great event!

Eight SportCombis in front of the factory gate

Simon Padian

Simon Padian held many prominent designer roles at Saab from 1999 until 2011 and was promoted to Saab’s Brand Design Chief in 2005. In that capacity, he was directly involved in the design and launch of several of the latest Saab models, including the 9-5NG. He spoke about his journey during a presentation at the Saab Car Museum. A very interesting story indeed, and one I intend to cover in a future post on this blog, so stay tuned!

First prize for the 9-5NG SportCombi

Saab cars…past, present and future

It’s always a great pleasure to experience so many of the beautiful Saab creations in one location. Not the least to enjoy the very first Saab (“Ur-Saaben”) in the museum. As we know, the last cars proudly carrying the Saab brand were manufactured in 2013. Today, the parking lot that used to be filled with brand-new Saabs is filled with Gothenburg-produced Volvos…

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