Still going strong!

To spot a Saab 9-5NG SportCombi in the wild can be pretty difficult, but to find two of them in the same location is even more challenging… It happened recently in the Czech republic when numbers 3 and 19 turned up for their biennial MOT inspection together.

Two SportCombis at the MOT

Cars in the Czech Republic have to go on vehicle safety, roadworthiness aspects and exhaust emissions inspection regularly. Earlier this month, both Czech unicorns met at a MOT inspection to go through the checkup together. Both passed the test with flying colours!

The Jet Black Aero with VIN YS3GR5MK7C9000003 was acquired by its current owner, Saab Suchomel, a Saab Service Centre with a special passion for the 9-5NG and the 9-4X, at the second Saab bankruptcy auction in 2013. Since then, the car only received minor updates including the new 20″ Turbo Star rims and new personalised registration plates. It is reported to have about 41 600 km on the clock and is pretty much used only in summer as a special “festive” car.

The Red SportCombi with VIN YS3GN5MK6C9000019 is a true unicorn as it is the only remaining car in Laser Red. It was bought at the first Saab auction in December 2012 with about 31 620 km. Nr 19 was used as a daily driver by its first owner and at the time it was sold in 2019, it had 216 400 km. It is now in the hands of another Czech Saab fan who only uses it for special occasions (including for attending the Saab Festival in Trollhättan) and the car currently has 223 400 km on its odometer. Several items were updated, including the addition of a tow bar, new rims, a back diffuser and the special “019 Combi” registration plates.

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Photos: (c) Mike Bayer.

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