Celebrating 10 years Saab 9-5NG in Trollhättan on 7 June

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The first of the highly anticipated Saab 9-5 New Generation (NG) cars rolled off the assembly line in 2009. This year we’ll be celebrating the 10th anniversary of this breath-taking model with a historic photo shoot on 7 June for all 9-5NGs visiting the Saab Car Museum Festival 2019 in Trollhättan!

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Mystery Saab Cars At Bankruptcy Auction

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When Saab Automobile AB sadly filed for bankruptcy on 19 December 2011, their factories were still filled with quite a few cars. Most of them were sold at one of the KVD auctions from 2012, but some were prohibited from sales. We are happy to now share some exclusive pictures from these “mystery Saabs”…

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