Sc Nr 7 sold to owner in The Netherlands by Fase Exclusief.


Yes finally! Sc Nr 7 is in traffic in The Netherlands. It was sold via Venza for a client to Fase Exclusief who has sent us some pictures and information. Thank you very much!


Fase Exclusief has been a family Saab dealer since 1980. Since the 1st of September 2015 the son of the owner, Dinant Fase jr. continues the Saab business separate from the other brands they have. On the following websites you can find all the information: and

Story from Saab Dealer:

In the first week of September we were visited by a long time Saab driver who had a problem with his 2006 Saab 9-5 Estate Aero. After reviewing the car it turned out that after 230.000 km there were too many problems to fix for a reasonable price. Especially regarding the demanding use of the car by this good sir. We were asked to look for a similar car, but a bit younger and with lower mileage. Because skipping to another brand was absolutely out of the question! Suddenly I remembered there were still some Saabs 9-5 Sportcombi of the latest model available! About a year ago we also helped a customer to a very nice Saab 9-4X, via Venza Cars in the Netherlands. I told this to our customer and he was immediately very interested. I showed him the available models online and we decided to make an appointment and visit Venza together. Especially the top of the line 2.0 Turbo XWD Aero model in a very special brown metallic colour was a great successor to the current Saab 9-5. After this visit and a very nice test drive everything went fast. We made the deal with Venza and sold SportCombi no. 7 to our client. The price was quite hefty, but as the client put so nicely: ‘If I go to another brand like Volvo or Audi, the price will be the same, but then I won’t be driving a Saab!’ So he traded in his 2006 Saab 9-5 Estate as if Saab has never been away… Since about a week he’s driving with the car and is very proud and happy with it.  He gets a lot of great reactions from other people like ‘What kind of car is that??’ and ‘I didn’t know you could still buy new Saabs’ to a simple ‘wow’. would like to thank Fase Exclusief and Mr. Arjen van Elk and the new owner for sharing this story with us. We are very happy to see another SportCombi on the road!

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