Saab Tour France 2011

Saab France le marathon

The year is 2011 and Saab is making a tour of France with the all new Saabs. But where are the cars located today? Find out more about sc #45 and #46 below.


Sportcombi #45. The Saab tour on route to  SAAB “SAINT ETIENNE”, OPEL SAAB “BOUGAULT” in SAINT ETIENNE.The picture is photografied at 8.40 a.m of 17 november 2011. Thanks to Didier Faxy for the pictures. This car was later sold in auction to Venza Exclusive cars and today is located in Spain.



4 years later the car is located in San Sebastian, Spain. Now with Hirsch badge! Photo from the new owner of #45.


Saab 9-4X was also a part of the tour. This car is a true unicorn but compare it to the 9-5 sportcombi! Don´t miss our Saab 9-4X facebook fan page:


Saab Tour, Chez Krystal-Lille 14 Novembre 2011.

At right is Philippe VAN DERMEULEN the former manager of Saab France with Sportcombi #46.


Sportcombi #46. Current location: Berg, Switzerland. More info in the sc directory.

We also have some pictures from the Saab German Tour 2011. Thanks to Tom from #46.

Thanks again to Didier Faxy for the pictures

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