Saab 9-5NG meeting, Örebro

The fans of the latest generation Saab 9-5 are many. All over the world, the 9-5NG keeps on drawing attention but in Saab’s home market, the community may be the strongest! The Swedish 9-5NG enthusiasts community has gradually grown and besides regular interactions and lively Facebook discussions, the group is especially known for its annual meet-ups. This year, more than thirty 9-5NGs toured the beautiful surroundings of the city of Örebro.

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Pilots Wanted 2018: A Record Event

The third edition of the bi-annual “Pilots Wanted” event organized by Autohaus Lafrentz in collaboration with Orio and was a great success. A record number of the latest generation Saabs participated with pilots from more than 10 different European countries. Apart from 6 Saab 9-5NG SportCombis and nearly 50 9-5NG Sedans, a whopping number of 9 Saab 9-4Xs made it to Kiel Germany last week.

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The only Fjord Blue Saab 9-5NG SportCombi for sale **sold**

Always wanted to own a Saab 9-5NG SportCombi? Now is your chance!
A Fjord Blue (the only one in this colour) Aero equipped with the 220HP 2.0T BioPower engine with about 35,000 km on the odometer is now for sale in Germany. Asking price €75,000 (€87,700 / £66,000 / SEK 773,000).

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