VIN numbers

This example shows car nr 15 (YS3GR5AR1C9000015):

Y = Northern Europe
S = Sweden
3 = Saab Automobile
G = 9-5
R = Model series (unknown)
5 = 5-door
A = 6-speed automatic/FWD
R = 2.0T I4
1 = check digit
C = 2012 model year
9 = assembly plant: Trollhättan pre-series
000015 = serial number

The above information shows this is a vehicle used for testing and is not an actual production model. Regular production Saabs use a 3 or 4 for the place of manufacture for Trollhättan.


Check out the online VIN decoder (works for virtually all Saab models, not just the 9-5NG SC) from SaabsPortugal:

Another great resource is This site features a really powerful online search tool that lists all the factory-fitted options for 9-5NGs, by VIN number. Check it out here.

Other resource: Saab VIN card.

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