2014 Calendars have arrived! :)


The 2014 sc calendars have arrived! They are from FujiDirekt and cost 129KR SEK. All interested will be contacted within a few hours via email. If you have not been contacted send us an e-mail: info@9-5sc2012.com There will also be an extra Christmas gift in the package 🙂

There are still some calendars not sold so if you are interested please contact us: info@9-5sc2012.com. Shipping cost 48KR SEK Sweden, 80KR SEK E.U, 92KR U.S.A. If you pay via Paypal an additional cost of 10KR SEK will be added.

Non-profit. We buy this calendars from: http://www.fujidirekt.se/asp/_products/_almanacka/index.asp just added shipping cost and also a small Christmas gift for free. Christmas spirit with Saab <3

If you live in the CZECH Republic please contact Suchomel Auto. www.skuo.cz