Born from jets

Back in 2005, Saab USA launched an ad campaign titled “Born from Jets“. Through both TV and print advertising, the company reached back to its unique aircraft roots. While the ads were received well and were deemed quite spectacular, they weren’t without controversy as defense company SAAB AB apparently wasn’t too happy with the campaign, in particular as non-Saab fighters were used by the ad agency. Back in Sweden, genuine Saab fighter jets can be found on pedestals all around the country in locations that have a (historic) connection with Saab. Here, a Saab 9-5NG SportCombi is standing beside a Saab Viggen in Grästorp, just outside of Trollhättan.

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The first Saab 9-5NG production report, released!

Saab 9-5NG Production report v1.1
Saab 9-5NG Production report v1.1

Arguably one of the most beautiful Saab models ever made, the Saab 9-5 “New Generation” was introduced at the Frankfurt Auto Show in September 2009 and during the two eventful years that followed, a total of 11,320 production 9-5s rolled off the assembly lines in Trollhättan, Sweden.
The interest for the 9-5NG has been growing steadily since and the cars are now rapidly becoming collector’s items. With the increasing popularity, the demand for detailed production data has also grown, but the demise of Saab Automobile AB unfortunately made access to reliable information quite difficult.

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