NR. 21: YS3GR5BJ6C9000021. KVD:554355.

9-5NG SportCombi Aero Turbo6 XWD, 300hp.

NR. 21: YS3GR5BJ6C9000021. KVD:554355.

Sold in auction 2012-12-16. 360 000 KR.

Current location: Rättvik, Sweden. [YKR584]
Previous owners: Josef Zabel, Haltern am See, Germany ( 2014-10-07 and prior: Auto Deppe, Extertal Germany (bought directly from the first KVD auction in December 2012).
This ultra-rare car (there is only one SportCombi currently known with a Turbo6 2.8t V6 engine) was for sale in October 2017 and has now returned home to Sweden.

See the December 2012 auction details (in Swedish only):

P1050407 P1050404 P1050403

21Nr 21 arriving at the new owner 2014-10-10 (picture from Saabblog:


Sales details from 8 July 2013:


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